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How to Shift Polarities of Your Life in Positive Directions

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YOU ONLY THINK positive directions are obvious – but, actually if you are going in a NEGATIVE direction, then it is very difficult to figure out what is the opposite – positive direction. If you start in a positive direction from the beginning, then it is easy to know where you are heading. The problems start when you get knocked off your good path and put on a bad detour. That is when the positive direction is often hidden or difficult to find because the negative effects of life can be very powerful and overwhelming

The truth is very few people can accurately identify the polar opposite emotions, programs or thoughts. That's the big value of this system, this book and what you are looking at right now.

The secrets of the system are that you must:

  • constantly develop the nine master keys or skills;
  • become more aware of the JEEP system and how it works so you can identify when life is getting negative
  • learn to use the 7 strategies to turn life around in the positive direction
  • practice relaxing and letting go of stress to refocus on the positive

Shifting Polarities refers to YOUR ability to identify when you are going in an unwanted direction, how to reverse it, and go in the opposite – positive direction. That is what we call a Paradigm Shift – a new approach to an old problem. Everyone can learn how to use these simple techniques, they just take a little practice and your life gets easier.

What are the Nine Master Keys?

These are the 9 skills everyone must constantly improve in order to escape stress and increase happiness. Each master key has a chapter that explains how it works and simple things you can do to develop these skills. Each master key offers you additional LEVERAGE to change the world around you.

Attention (concentration & shifting focus)
Perception (awareness & knowledge)
Higher Self (objectivity & direction)
Passion (energy & motivation)
Will Power (stamina & patience)
Judgment (rational thinking & intuitive feeling)
Replacing patterns (positive programming)
Transformation (negative into positive)
Achieving Peak Potential (talents & goals)

What are our greatest limitations?

The way your body is built, makes you very vulnerable to stress, frustration, depression, fear, anxiety, disgust and so forth. To better understand what limits your ability to deal with life effectively, refer to the Triplex Mind Map below. This shows you the three main divisions of the brain and what each does. Remember, each part competes to control the other two. The Deliberate mind enables you to gain control of the other two parts and overcome the weaknesses we are born with. That is the reason for the axiom "Think Up" because it is supposed to remind you to go to the higher, deliberate part of your mind to escape the internal or external problems.

FIRST STEP -- PRINT FORMS -- Instructions: The following figures, tables, and lists can be printed out by clicking the purple button under each one. The purpose is that you pin them up and refer to them often. Every time you look at these tools you will enhance the image of what you must do to develop your awareness, gain control, think up, shift polarities, relax and let go, etc.




The Four JEEP Factors and their Polarities

Human nature can be seen as very complex or it can be simplified into these four basic factors. This makes it very easy to categorize the various behaviours and the positive or negative polarities each has. As you study the table below you will see how each factor pulls you in one direction or the other. Keep in mind that our biggest problem is that we are all many times more prone to slip in the negative direction than to go in the positive one.

Shifting JEEP Polarities from Sabotage to Achievement

Factors Negative Polarity Shifting to the Positive Polarity
Judgment Distortions or illusions irrational, mistaken, prejudiced, unaware, confused thinking, indecision and bad choices Analytical and intuitive thinking, increased awareness, subjective and objective evaluation, good, clear decisions
Emotions Fear, anger, pain and disgust - stress protection: fight - flight response Courage, acceptance, happiness, and love - passion, ambition, confidence, etc...
Energy Lacking, losing, using, stealing, leaking, abusing, blocking or limiting the flow - greedy, selfish, lazy Abundant power flowing, sharing, exchanging, giving generously and receiving gratefully
Patterns Sabotaging negative: mental, physical, and emotional programs, self destructive, limiting, blocking Deliberate intentions: adaptive positive patterns, simplifying life, successful, positive, constructive


What are the Seven Gold Keys?

These are the 7 most important strategies to approach life and challenges in the most successful way. If you utilize each of these keys on a daily basis, you will escape most stress, and move more quickly and effectively to reach your goals. These strategies can be constantly improved over a lifetime but, once you know them and begin relying on them regularly, your life will change dramatically.

Gold Keys for Escaping Stress and Increasing Happiness

Think Up!
Go up to your deliberate mind, become more aware. Establish a clear set of intentions. Gain control of yourself and act on your intentions.

Relax and Let Go!
Turn off stress by breathing slowly, deeply, and relaxing. Shift your attention away from problems and refocus on your intentions.

Think with Flexibility!
Remain open, bendable, and curious about alternatives; do not get rigid. Be flexible, rely on both the subjective or intuitive and objective or rational information to make your decisions.

Shift Polarities!
Exercise reversing directions to escape stress and go to your higher nature. Identify the opposite emotions and transform the negative into positive.

Direct Your Will Power!
Build up your passion to act with deliberate intent and be prepared to work on your goals ambitiously, with confidence and determination.

Keep Energy Flowing!
Appreciate all the energy you receive and promote the free and generous exchange of energy in all forms. Respect yourself and others by striving to reciprocate any energy you receive.

Build Your Faith!
Everything depends on believing in yourself and the purpose of your life. Have faith in the positive possibilities of the universe and maintain meaning and confidence in your own life.


Which affirmations are more important to remember?

Affirmations represent much more than just a positive saying. Every affirmation must follow certain principles to be effective. The group here are very general affirmations that can be applied to every day life.

I am grateful for discovering the best means to reach my dreams and goals.
I realize that I am ready to enjoy life to the fullest and find peace of mind.
When I focus my attention on positive possibilities I achieve the best solutions.

I am glad to be finding ways to improve my physical and emotional well being.
I am grateful that I was born with many gifts and talents for me to share.
Each day I learn new ways to create and express my unique abilities.

Every day I celebrate my growing confidence and determination to succeed!
When I do worthy things I earn the respect of others and feel good.
By utilizing my rational mind together with my intuition I make greater progress.

As I express my gratitude, I can envision the goals I am achieving.
Moving forward and upward everyday symbolizes the joy of my destiny.
I take advantage of every opportunity to realize my true potentials.

I am grateful to be inspired to achieve my ultimate goals in this life.
It is great to feel the energy with a clear vision to see the path to my goals.
My motivation and determination constantly push me to reach my goals.

I am glad my mind has the ability to focus and concentrate on my purpose.
It is amazing how powerful my mind is when I work deliberately on my future.
I am confident that my life is automatically attracted to what is good for me.

Everything I decide to do has an important reason and purpose.
I value my time very highly and use every minute effectively.
Love is the source of my strength and happiness.

Whenever I smile my face lights up with positive energy!
My questions always direct me to achieve the most in the long run.
Each day I learn new ways to create and express my unique abilities.

Everyday I take the time to exercise, rest, eat right and cleanse myself.
I am glad to attract the most interesting, powerful and caring people into my life!
I accept my challenges as great lessons to motivate me to reach my goals.

I appreciate the outstanding qualities I was born with.
I recognize that I am a unique and very special person!
Today I observe my progress in fulfilling my plans and dreams!

I am grateful to have been inspired to achieve my ultimate goals in this life.


So Who Are You? Personality Profiles

Personality is a complex concept. It can involve many aspects of life and character. Here the focus is on a few important factors of your personality that everyone should be aware of. This information is essential for you to develop your skills and strategies.

We all have the same weaknesses, however, everyone expresses these problems differently. First, consider what is the main way you react to stress? Secondly, consider among your principle mental powers which is strongest and which weakest. Thirdly, determine what are your primary needs.

What is your primary stress reaction?

When some stress triggers you, what is your most common emotional reaction? Most people either engage their fight or flight mechanism, and a few would rather hide. Every person experiences all three of these emotions at least occasionally, but one of these happens more often to you than the others. Circle what reflects your most common feelings accurately.

Fear Based: minimal - moderate - intense
You feel anxious, nervous, and want to escape, run away.

Anger Based: minimal - moderate - intense
You get mad, angry, and want to fight, physically, emotionally, or verbally.

Pain / Disgust Based: minimal - moderate - intense
You get very awkward and want to hide or isolate yourself, and withdraw.

Consequences: whichever reaction you have triggered most often, think what is the polar opposite emotion. Be prepared to shift polarities in the right direction. Make a mental note of what your "base" reaction is, and remember it's only an alarm that you can turn off.

The Three Agencies of Power:

Each mental power (agency) provides an independent source of power to perform complex tasks. Every person has all three agencies serving his or her needs. Depending on our experience in life, we all develop the power of each agency to a different degree. In every person, one agency becomes most powerful, and there is a middle one and the third one is the weakest. Which of these three powers is least developed in you?

Power of Perception - observation, five senses, speed of information processing, awareness, understanding, and comprehension...

Power of Judgment - logical or intuitive analysis, comparisons, and making decisions, making predictions, good recall...

Will Power - intention, being deliberate, determination, passion, motivation, achievement, and being connected to your true desires…

Consequences: your natural strengths should be utilized to boost any of your weaknesses which will obviously interfere with your progress.

First, you must understand how to untangle yourself from negative events and then, you can learn to get the most leverage to move in a positive direction.

Your Stress Reaction:

Fear Based: minimal - moderate - intense (escape)

Anger Based: minimal - moderate - intense (fight)

Pain / Disgust Based: minimal - moderate - intense (hide)

The Three Agencies of Power:

(Which is your strongest and which is your weakest – number 1, 2, 3.)

Perception ______ Observation & Noticing

Judgment _______ Analyzing & Decisions

Will Power ______ Energy & Determination

Table of Anthony Robbins' Six Human Needs

Rank which are most important to you from 1 to 6.

Rank Categories Description of the needs
  Certainty - Comfort security, safety, predictability, protection, stability, simple, easy
  Uncertainty - Variety instability, change, suspense, variety, surprise, uniqueness, complexity
  Significance sense of importance, uniqueness, feeling special, competitiveness, seeking power
  Connection - Love feeling of closeness, unified, intimate, desire to relate, sharing, bonding
  Growth expanding your capacity, need to develop emotionally, intellectually, spiritually
  Contribution give to others, leadership, support, service, dedication, generosity, kindness