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Are You Going in Positive Directions?

Life is Like a Pendulum

What do you do when YOU swing in the NEGATIVE Direction?

Welcome to a simple and easy personal development system! Discover advanced techniques to refocus on the positive in life... Learn a new paradigm and become happier, stronger and achieve more.

The Positive and Negative Polarities of Life:

Life is full of risks, challenges, pain, and stress. These factors stop most people from getting what they want. There are also countless opportunities to enjoy life. Despite the desire we all have to achieve goals, too often we fail to succeed and spiral down into stress, anxiety, frustration, and misery. Why is it so easy to go in the negative direction? Is there a way to escape stress and reach our goals more easily?

The answer is GET LEVERAGE!

Leverage is a matter of maximizing your strengths, finding how to get the best result with the most effective means. With a pulley, one man can easily lift fifty times his weight. The same is true in life, except instead of a pulley, you need the pivotal points to make the biggest changes for yourself. Positive Directions is about helping you gain leverage to make life easier and more fulfilling. This leverage can help you turn your life around when going in a negative direction and head in a positive one. Allow me to be your Mental Fitness Coach. This website and my work will explain to you what goes wrong and how to make it right. Get solutions not illusions.

The number one problem is Uncertainty and STRESS

Since we cannot predict everything that will happen in the future, we must accept uncertainty. Most of us turn this uncertainty into STRESS and we learn to live with excessive amounts of it. This stress decreases the quality of life and even shortens the length of it. Stress can be anything that throws you out of your comfort zone, it robs you of physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual balance and harmony.

If you do not use the best strategies to cope with challenges in life, stress will rob you of well being and prevent you from achieving your goals. This book explains the laws of predictability and helps you discover the hidden abilities you already have to deal with life.

The primary solution is SHIFTING POLARITIES

The pendulum of life swings both ways, it can be positive or negative. Unfortunately, it is very easy for us to slip in the negative direction. The idea of Shifting Polarities refers to reversing directions. Whenever you find yourself slipping in the wrong direction, turn around and go in the opposite positive direction!

Can ANYONE really do this?

Nearly all of us wonder sometimes, why do some people seem to succeed while others constantly struggle? What are major differences between those individuals that lead incredibly successful and fulfilling lives, and all the others that are confronted by stress, misery and a lack of success. It is not intelligence, luck, money, or talent that make the difference. The secret of successful people is in the special skills they use — skills anyone can learn — that enable them to change negative events into positive ones more effectively.

HOW does this system work?

Read the book and use the study guide to maximize the power of this system. The information was simplified into four basic ideas: the JEEP factors — Judgment, Emotions, Energy, and Patterns that come in two categories: those that are either good, healthy, and positive, or those that are negative, stressful, and to be avoided. In this duality of life we all want to go in a positive direction, but it does get tricky! This system explains exactly how to always shift from a negative into a positive direction. These are familiar skills that few people use effectively. There are Nine Master Keys that describe these skills and provide clear instructions on how to get the most leverage to escape stress and achieve more happiness. Do not be like most people who learn to live with excessive amounts of stress that brings anxiety, frustration, misery, and blocks our progress.

How to achieve BALANCE and HARMONY

If you know how to get leverage you can accomplish anything. Even if you have a big crow bar, you must know how to use it in order to pry something open. The most important element is where is the pivotal point. Where do you get the most leverage?

The psychology of life requires the correct insights otherwise you will waste your time and energy. Once you know how to use the tools then the job becomes easy because you will have more leverage.

What are the MASTER KEYS

The main strategies to reverse a negative direction into a positive one are divided into nine skills that we all perform. The question is can you use these nine strategies with the greatest leverage? This book explains exactly how to apply each of these important KEYS to remove obstacles, decrease stress and achieve your goals.

How often are you or someone nearby stuck experiencing:


What are the OPPOSITE FEELINGs for each of the experiences above?

The aswers may surprise you. More importantly, they will give you a positive direction to follow when you feel something negative. The book explains very clearly WHAT ARE the POLAR OPPOSITE emotions and attitudes. It also describes how to reverse negative patterns into positive ones. Finally, it shows you how to avoid poor judgment, and instead to evaluate and analyze situations more effectively using both your intuition and rational mind.

Sure you may think that you already know what are these polar opposites but, in reality very few people can identify them accurately. That means that when you actually discover your own polar opposite emotions, you then can reverse the negative more quickly and easily.

Together this system offers you the tools to make life much easier, minimizing stress and maximizing your happiness. This is an interactive website. When you get a book, you can access a tremendous amount of resources that help you utilize and apply the tools you learn in everyday life.

For example, visit the POLARITY SHIFTER at the bottom of the Home page to see if you can find the most common negative experiences you encounter and what are the polar opposites.

IF YOU GOT THIS FAR, then you are truly serious about improving your life. So, invest a few bucks, get the book and then utilize the study guide here to help you make the most positive changes in your life and in the relationships around you.

This personal development system offers all the tools you need to make a lot of progress quickly and easily. Just click on the button above and order the book and make your life easier!

Secrets of the System

This book is well organized with lots of exercises to build your awareness and has plenty of examples to keep it practical. There is a summary at the end of each chapter to make it easy to skim through and to review the main points. I invested years of work so you can reap the benefits.

Below you can read about some of the details but, truly you need to READ THE BOOK to get full value of what I have put together here.


What are the primary sources of our Self Sabotage?

We rely on these four basic psychological functions every day. This JEEP system works differently for each individual, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The system either provides you with strength to stay on the positive side, or if you lack stength and the right skills, you get pulled in the negative direction to face more problems. The truth is that we are all born much more prone to the problem side. Consequently, these JEEP factors often fail us and drive us crazy. You must learn to Shift Polarities when being pulled in the negative direction - stop, reverse and go in the positive direction...

The J E E P System to eliminate sources of Sabotage:

Psychological Function Negative Positive
Judgment: analyzing information you collect to make choices about your life Bad Decisions stress & trouble Good Decisions Success and fulfillment
Emotions: the depth, intensity and type of feelings we experience & express Negative Feelings bad, sad, mad... Positive Feelings happy, healthy, comfortable
Energy: how much power we generate, we use, we keep, exchange or give Negative Losing Draining energy, fatigue Positive Charging exchanging it, feeling energized
Patterns: all our automatic routines, habits, and internal programs we repeat Bad Destructive self sabotage Positive Helpful simplify life


These four simple factors represent the most fundamental and important functions of our brain. If our brains were designed to deal with these four factors perfectly, all of us would live a great life. Unfortunately, the fact is that our brains are inherently flawed with respect to these four factors, causing tons of trouble. Consequently, sometimes, we all end up making bad choices, getting into destructive patterns, fail to get or use the energy we need, or end up feeling miserable, frustrated, angry, anxious or whatever. These are all well accepted facts of life. However, I intend to offer you explanations of how the system works (or fails to) and solutions to improve the way your mind functions so that you can prevent these problems from occurring.


The Triplex Mind System

This is a map of how the brain is organized into three separate specialized parts. The top is the Deliberate Mind, the middle is the Automatic Mind and the bottom is the Reflexive Mind. A downloadable version of this map is available inside the Treasure pages.



What are the Nine Master Keys?

The master keys are designed to help you shift from the negative side of the four JEEP factors to the positive side. Most of our psychological challenges are caused by the negative locks of these four factors; use these keys to open the locks and gain greater freedom. These problems are identical in every person because they are just part of human nature. When you learn to use these keys effectively, you will be able to excel more easily, preventing problems and achieving the goals you can. Start by going to the deliberate mind - Think up!

The Nine Master Keys

Attention (concentration & shifting)
Perception (awareness & knowledge)
Higher Self (objectivity & decisions)
Passion (energy & motivation)
Will Power (stamina & patience)
Transformation (negative into positive)
Judgment (rational & intuitive thinking)
Replacing patterns (positive programming)
Achieving Peak Potential (talents & goals)


The Live GET LEVERAGE Workshops

These are opportunities to meet Dr. Ryder in person and apply these strategies through experiential exercises. In addition to the material on this website, you can attend a live workshop to be led through a series of exercises that give you an opportunity to develop these skills in a dynamic, stimulating environment.

Dr. Ryder is scheduling lectures and workshops - one day long or across several evenings that deliver this information in a bold, dramatic, unforgettable experience that helps you learn quickly and easily. Let me be your mental fitness expert to give you the tools to develop the most important skills that will make your life easier.

Click on the LINK below to check out the details on upcoming events in your area. Most are planned in New York City, but others are being planned around. If your group would like to request Dr. Ryder to come and conduct a workshop in your city, feel free to contact the office.

This entertaining Workshop will

  • Show you ways to minimize your stress when times are difficult, eliminate negative thinking and sharpen your decision making abilities.
  • Provide keys to change patterns and habitual responses - how you can transform your life dramatically by using them.
  • Show you how to predict your own and others behaviors, increasing your success in your business and life relationships – lead others to transformational change.
  • Make the difference in your life by clarifying, planning and directing your goals and meeting your targets in an inspiring way - live your life with passion & purpose, through strategically planned action and behaviors.

Launch your life and business to the next level emotionally, mentally,
physically and spiritually. Gain LEVERAGE and watch your life transform. If not with the workshops then at least get the book and use the study guide to get ahead.



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I am grateful for discovering the best means to reach my dreams and goals.
I realize that I am ready to enjoy life to the fullest and find peace of mind.
When I focus my attention on positive possibilities I achieve the best solutions.

I am glad to be finding ways to improve my physical and emotional well being.
I am grateful that I was born with many gifts and talents for me to share.
Each day I learn new ways to create and express my unique abilities.

Every day I celebrate my growing confidence and determination to succeed!
When I do worthy things I earn the respect of others and feel good.
By utilizing my rational mind together with my intuition I make greater progress.

As I express my gratitude, I can envision the goals I am achieving.
Moving forward and upward everyday symbolizes the joy of my destiny.
I take advantage of every opportunity to realize my true potentials.

I am grateful to be inspired to achieve my ultimate goals in this life.
It is great to feel the energy with a clear vision to see the path to my goals.
My motivation and determination constantly push me to reach my goals.

I am glad my mind has the ability to focus and concentrate on my purpose.
It is amazing how powerful my mind is when I work deliberately on my future.
I am confident that my life is automatically attracted to what is good for me.

Everything I decide to do has an important reason and purpose.
I value my time very highly and use every minute effectively.
Love is the source of my strength and happiness.

Whenever I smile my face lights up with positive energy!
My questions always direct me to achieve the most in the long run.
Each day I learn new ways to create and express my unique abilities.

Everyday I take the time to exercise, rest, eat right and cleanse myself.
I am glad to attract the most interesting, powerful and caring people into my life!
I accept my challenges as great lessons to motivate me to reach my goals.

I appreciate the outstanding qualities I was born with.
I recognize that I am a unique and very special person!
Today I observe my progress in fulfilling my plans and dreams!

I am grateful to have been inspired to achieve my ultimate goals in this life.


More to come.