Speaking Engagements

Dr. Ryder developed the Shifting Polarities System: the tools, techniques, strategies and skills to reverse any negative situation (turn 180 degrees) and go in the opposite, positive direction.

Dr. Ryder is a dynamic presenter who prepares for each talk to deliver more than expected. Call the office to see how we can customize a presentation for your group.

Consulting: individual or group.

Have a well trained, seasoned mind come discuss possibilities with a fresh, different perspective. A great idea is just a thought away.

Achievement Coaching:

Place your trust in an expert who can help you be more accountable to yourself by clarifying your goals, overcoming your limitations and reaching a higher standard of performance than expected.

Keynote Speaking Engagements:

Dr. Ryder is known for his dynamic, entertaining style where he stimulates the imagination, questions old beliefs, and creates the motivation for greater achievement. He has addresses small and large groups to inspire the freedom to think and act differently. Call the office to discuss creating a customized presentation for your group.

Master Keys Workshops or Seminars:

Experiential events that give people practical skills to lower levels of stress while raising levels of motivation, performance, and outcomes. Flexible programming from a short 3 hour to a two day intensive. You decide what your group requires and we will customize a program to meet your needs.

Major topics are:

Achievement - reaching peak performance and maintaining it.

Stress Management - training how to minimize stress while maximizing motivation and resilience.

Brainstorming - techniques for creative problem solving.

Critical Thinking - sharpening analytical skills to improve judgment and learn to better employ rational and intuitive strategies to resolve problems.

Decision Making - the skills to analyze, compare, evaluate, and decide the best path to take. Executing a choice is extremely important, understanding the criteria for making the best decisions is vital for success.

Ethics - dealing with the complex realities that often create "grey zones" where careless actions may jeopardize your career or the entire organization. Identifying the criteria to remain on the safe side of ethical behavior.

Communication Skills - developing the ability to "read" an individual and know how to approach them to be persuasive and likeable while getting what you want accomplished.

Negotiation and Persuasion Skills - discover how to identify the specific factors to convince a person you are offering them a great offer.

Escaping Bad Patterns - learning to be more flexible; how to replace negative habits with positive ones. How to identify limiting thinking or behaviors and change them for greater personal freedom and success.

Assertiveness & Confidence - building resilience and developing internal direction by increasing will power - the tools to visualize goals and access passionate energy for greater ambition, motivation, and determination.

Meaning and Significance - discovering what is the purpose and meaning of life. Aligning your goals with your group or organization and being aware of how the desired outcome can improve your world.

Call the office to discuss your needs, you will surprised how cost effective this work can be! 212-779-4114 or email: DrJRyder@aol.com

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