Press & Media

Do you need an expert that you can trust to make a good impression? Do you want someone with a soothing voice that is articulate and easy to understand? Need a professional with media experience?

Dr. Ryder is a professional with a mission to educate and liberate people from small thinking. See below how he can meet your needs...

Dr. Ryder's book and concept of Shifting Polarities is easy to understand and utilize to think more positively about life, problems, issues, or whatever.

Introduction: Dr. Ryder is a psychologist, author, and workshop leader who join us to discuss...

Accomodating: John will prepare for your show and audience...Just tell us what you need!

General Talking Points:

Stress -

Anxiety -

Frustration -

Pain & Misery -

Current Issues -

Does the "Secret" or attractor factor really work? (35 sec)
Why do the celebrities have so many troubles? (35 sec)
How do smart people do stupid things? (25 sec)

Psychological Issues

Personal Achievement
Job Stress

Talking Points:

Do you lack motivation?
Are you able to relax?
What's wrong with how the mind works?
Does life have you down?
Too much anxiety?
Frustrated with your life?
Are you losing your temper?
Are you achieving your goals?
Do you need more confidence?
Is your life truly satisfying?
Want to stop making excuses?

Victims of Sex Abuse or Molestation
Drug abuse - addiction, recovery, rehabilitation
Anger management
Cancer sufferers, AIDs, chronic illness,

Attention (concentration & shifting)
Perception (awareness & knowledge)
Higher Self (objectivity & intention)
Passion (energy & motivation)
Will Power (determination & patience)
Judgment (rational & intuitive thinking)
Replacing patterns (positive programming)
Transformation (negative into positive)
Achieving Peak Potential (talents & goals)

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