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  • Proven track record (academic, author, speaker)
  • Experience with media and sound bites
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    answer questions or resolve problems.
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Brief CV Summary of John Ryder, Ph.D.

Academic Background

Ph.D. Psychology The City University of New York 1988
M.A. Psychology The City College/CUNY New York 1983
B.A. Liberal Arts Clark University, Massachusetts 1978


Licensed Psychologist: State of New York # 012422

Professional Experience (Recent)

1994 - Present: Private practice NYC Consulting private individuals, couples, groups, corporations, and executives.

1992 - 1994: Director of Neurodiagnostics, The Neuroscience Institute, JFK Medical Center, Edison, N.J.

1989 - 1992: Assistant Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, City University of New York.

1986 - 1992: Neuropsychologist in charge of the operation of the Clinical and Research Laboratories with Rosario Zappulla, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and Vice-Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, CUNY.

1989 - 1990: Consultant to Northeast Research Institute, Inc. Conn. for developing research protocols for neuro-toxicity experimentation supported by the U.S. Defense Department.

1986 - 1993: Consultant to Quantified Signal Imaging Inc. Toronto Canada. Quantitative EEG systems.

1982 - 1987: P/T Established Entrepreneur Enterprises a partnership in New York that acted as an agency to promote cultural exchange bringing American musicians to Eastern Europe and the USSR; a number of music festivals were successfully organized with the help of the U.S.I.A.

Invited Lectures, Workshops & Presentations (Partial Listing)

APA - American Psychological Association National Convention - New Orleans 2006. Presented:
New Model to Integrate Divergent Perspectives to Promote Greater Health. Achievement Psychology:
Anthony Robbins Coaching Models and Marketing.

Polarity Shifting: Your Master Keys to Making Life Easier, NewLife Expo, NY 2006

Workshops & Seminars presented to private groups and corporations.

Ultimate Goals in the New Millennium: NewLife Expo, N.Y. '97; 98; 99; 01; 2003, 2005

Tantric Sex - Secrets to Health and Vitality. NewLife Expo, New York, NY 2003

Techniques to Teach Clients How to Relax and Transform Their Behaviors. National Assoc. of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists. Convention, Virginia Beach, VA 1999

Train the Brain to Heal the Mind and Body. & Scientific Proof that Hypnotherapy is Effective. Convention of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Nashua, NH. Aug. '98; '99; 2000; 01.

Mechanical and Theoretical Causes of "Healing Experiences" during Hypnotic Regression. 14 International Congress of Hypnosis, Am. Soc.th Clin. Hypnosis, San Diego, June 1997.

Sensory Stimulants Aiding Hypnotherapy. Scientific Proof that Hypnotherapy is Effective. The Annual Convention of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Nashua, NH. Aug. 1997, 1998.

Psychological Overview of Mild Traumatic Head Injury. Brain Injury Association of NY (Bkn) Public Forum at Maimonidies Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY May 1997.

Medical Aspects of Hypnosis. The Annual Convention of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Nashua, NH. Aug. 1996.

Publications (Selected)

Shifting Polarities: Keys to Escape Stress and Increase Success. (Publication date Fall 2007)

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life Co-Authored with Mark Victor Hansen, et al. Self Growth NJ (2007) David Riklan, ed. (Chapter 20:) "What Makes the Best Decisions: Your Logic or Intuition?"

Psychological Insights and Advice column in Talent in Motion Magazine, New York, quarterly journal in NYC- since June 2004.

Relax to the Max. Produced and recorded CD program for relaxing and self development 1999.

The Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy. A Review of Research Methods and Findings for Promoting Hypnotherapy. John Ryder, Ph.D. Journal of Hypnotism. 2000.

Train the Brain to Heal the Mind and Body. John Ryder, Ph.D. 2001 Journal of Hypnotism.

Brainstem auditory evoked responses in 56 patients with acoustic neurinoma. J. Grabel, R. Zappulla, J. Ryder, W. Wang, L. Malis. Jrn. Neurosurgery 74:5 pg 749-753, 1991.

Topographical Brain Mapping in the Clinical Environment. Zappulla, R.A., Ryder, J. Clinical EEG. 19:1, 48 - 49, 1988.

Awards & Special Recognition

Best Writer - Talent in Motion Magazine 2007, New York City.

Elected to: Who's Who of America 2000. Marquis International

Publications, NJ 2000. Elected to: Outstanding Individuals of the 20 Century. IBC, Cambridge,th England 1999.

Hypnosis Research Award. National Guild of Hypnotists, 1999.