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This is the 21st Century Logo, the universal symbol for UNITY, friendship and cooperation among all people traveling on our starship Mother Earth. Reach out give each other a hand, especially the children, we can promote peace and prosperity for all the people and protect the ecology of our earth. Learn to be strong, patient, tolerant, peaceful and persistent while you reach for your ultimate goals and dreams. Earn what you take and recycle what you borrow. Have faith in the future, in yourself, love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! UNITY will get us there!

"Lets all create what we can do best that our world needs most."

~ O M ~

The 21st Century UNITY CRUSADE

Imagine you are standing on the moon, look up into the sky and you see a little beautiful blue living planet, our earth traveling through time and space. From above, there are just a few islands surrounded by water. You can sense the unity, peacefulness and the constant movement of earth. You realize the delicate balance that keeps everything alive is threatened by people and groups who do not see the whole planet as you can. You want to do something about it...Support the crusade for Unity! Do this with the universal 21st Century LOGO; it symbolizes the UNITY among all people across the six populated continents who believe that together, cooperating we can promote prosperity and protection for all the people and the earth. Give each other a hand, especially the children. Learn to be tolerant, patient and persistent while you reach for your goals and dreams. Earn what you take and recycle what you borrow. Have faith in yourself, the future, life, love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. U N I T Y will get us there!

Create what you can do best that your world needs most!

~ O M ~

The UNITY Logo for the Twenty First Century... This symbol was created to awaken human faith in the power and importance of UNITY! Within several years we expect this logo to be recognized every where around the world. Our logo represents some of the Ultimate Goals we all share for the next hundred years: peace, prosperity, harmony and progress. This symbol was designed to attract the positive energies needed to attain these goals. Wear it, display it, use it and distribute it. Anyone interested in participating in this project is encouraged to contact us by email: Click Here to get more information about obtaining rights to this logo since it is trademarked and can not be used without written permission. Although we permit anyone to down load copies of the logo for personal use only, without any limit for free. Commercial use or distribution in any commercial form requires that you sign a legal agreement to pay a small royalty to license the use of our trade marked symbol. This money is then applied to the further expansion, marketing and promotion of the UNITY logo. This project will make a difference in the world, join us now and be part of a new movement to celebrate our progress toward world peace, prosperity and harmony!

The year 2000 begins the next two thousand year epoch which will be called the Age of Aquarius. Find out more about it; there is a lot more to it than you think! Everyone is aware of the tremendous tension and strife around the world, it could get much worse, in fact many people claim it may be the end of the world, however, we believe that it is rather the beginning of a new era, another renaissance! Through cyberspace the world has gotten much smaller as the means of communication have improved greatly. Communicating the positive possibilities is essential to help our world evolve in the best direction, eliminating censorship and informing people about what other people are really thinking and not what some news media or political group wants us to believe. The New Age can bring us Ultimate Goals if we all unite and work together to push our world towards peace, prosperity, harmony and ecological balance!

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