I am grateful for discovering the best means to reach my dreams and goals.
I realize that I am ready to enjoy life to the fullest and find peace of mind.
When I focus my attention on positive possibilities I achieve the best solutions.

I am glad to be finding ways to improve my physical and emotional well being.
I am grateful that I was born with many gifts and talents for me to share.
Each day I learn new ways to create and express my unique abilities.

Every day I celebrate my growing confidence and determination to succeed!
When I do worthy things I earn the respect of others and feel good.
By utilizing my rational mind together with my intuition I make greater progress.

As I express my gratitude, I can envision the goals I am achieving.
Moving forward and upward everyday symbolizes the joy of my destiny.
I take advantage of every opportunity to realize my true potentials.

I am grateful to be inspired to achieve my ultimate goals in this life.
It is great to feel the energy with a clear vision to see the path to my goals.
My motivation and determination constantly push me to reach my goals.

I am glad my mind has the ability to focus and concentrate on my purpose.
It is amazing how powerful my mind is when I work deliberately on my future.
I am confident that my life is automatically attracted to what is good for me.

Everything I decide to do has an important reason and purpose.
I value my time very highly and use every minute effectively.
Love is the source of my strength and happiness.

Whenever I smile my face lights up with positive energy!
My questions always direct me to achieve the most in the long run.
Each day I learn new ways to create and express my unique abilities.

Everyday I take the time to exercise, rest, eat right and cleanse myself.
I am glad to attract the most interesting, powerful and caring people into my life!
I accept my challenges as great lessons to motivate me to reach my goals.

I appreciate the outstanding qualities I was born with.
I recognize that I am a unique and very special person!
Today I observe my progress in fulfilling my plans and dreams!

I am grateful to have been inspired to achieve my ultimate goals in this life.

© 2008 John Ryder