Positive Directions
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This is a real neuro-anatomical diagram of your nervous system.

There are two parts to this AUTONOMIC Nervous System, one is pictured in RED which represents the STRESS system and the other is shown in BLUE which reflects the RELAXATION system. Notice the dramatic differences between these two parts.

The Stress system is 1) Automatic 2) Instantaneous 3) goes everywhere in you body 4) has no off switch 5) is at least 20 ~ 30 times bigger and faster than the blue one.

The Relaxation system is 1) Not automatic 2) Takes time and effort 3) goes everywhere in your body 4) can be turned off easily 5) is many times smaller and slower than the stress system.

These differences create many of our troubles in life - go to chapter 3 especially pages 71 - 76 to learn more of the details.

This image is supposed to help you better understand the natural lack of balance in your nervous system. The Stress system is much bigger and faster than the Relaxation system. The most important factor is that they work opposite each other, that means that to turn stress off, you must turn on, the relaxation system. It is like a see-saw, when one side is up you must raise the other side to bring the first one down. The most effective way to decrease stress is to increase relaxation. That is the secret of the autonomic nervous system, if you understand this one part, you may gain greater control of your life. Something to think about...